Is That a Threat? by Alison Leiby:

I’ve never understood the inclination to engage with something I don’t like — on social media or otherwise. That’s the beauty of Twitter. If you don’t agree with someone, you can unfollow them. If something upsets you, you can block it. We all have that luxury. If you don’t like the taste of fish, you wouldn’t go to a restaurant, order the trout, and then call the chef a stupid bitch for serving it to you. So why do people do it on the Internet?

I know I’m late to this party and that this is by no means an isolated incident, but for fuck’s sake.

As a white male who would never imagine saying things like this to a woman (or anyone, really, unless it was to their face and I was looking for a fight, which I never am because seriously who the fuck resorts to fisticuffs anymore it’s not the 1790s), I’m embarrassed and ashamed and disgusted by this sort of behavior. I love the internet and I support freedom of speech, but this shit has just got to go.

Full disclosure: I work at Facebook, tangentially in support of teams that fight against trolls and hate on the platform. We’re not perfect, but we do try. My opinions do not necessarily represent those of my employer, yada yada.